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>> Monday, April 6, 2009

I am moving my Ask Me Anything blog from its former home to blogspot. I will be providing a link for those interested to follow me later today.

Please be patient as I work to put my bloghouse in order. I am, however, still me and still fielding questions. Do provide me one.


  • Shakespeare

    Interesting... Can you tell me why?

    Believe me, I understand. I haven't earned anything on my blog in months. I just keep blogging because I like to.

  • kashicat

    Well, hello there! How nice to see you. Nice digs you got here. There's just nothing like the "new blog" smell, eh? I'll have my own in a couple of days too.

    I like that you're keeping the colour. :-)


  • Stephanie B

    Shakespeare, a blog like this requires a great deal of visibility or it will dwindle away to nothing.

    I didn't think that was achievable where it was before.

  • Stephanie B

    Phyl, always a pleasure to see you. I didn't want to forgo my purple. I've got to get that color list and get something just a tad lighter, but lavender is still, in my opinion, a good reflection of my personality.

  • Patricia Rockwell

    Like the girly color scheme too! Will follow you anywhere. I have been happy with blogspot (but then I have never tried anywhere else).

  • Stephanie B

    Thanks, Patricia. I have never wanted to do anything with this blog but provide a service. It's not altruistic, because I enjoy it, but it does drive my needs.

    I was impressed with how easy this was to build.

  • Shakespeare

    Okay, so here's my question:

    How do I start up my blog here, and what do I do with the old one once I've started this one? I don't need to transfer my old articles, but I'd like to get it set up by the end of this week so that I can get it up and going. Also, what can I do to make this blog accessible to the rest of the world--to advertise it--once it's up and running?

  • Stephanie B

    I'll try and get that up later tonight, Shakespeare.

  • Davida

    LOL--I'm not surprised. You see I did the same thing with my second blog, Movie Connoisseur. Welcome to blogspot!


  • Stephanie B

    Shakespeare, it looks like it might not be until Thursday. I've on travel the next two days.

  • Roy

    Well, I said howdy and welcome to Blogger over on the Rocket Scientist blog, so I'll wave at you here, too. Heh, heh!

  • Stephanie B

    Always a pleasure, Roy. I do love how they do their bloglist.

  • *lynne*

    Hi! I've updated my blogroll with your new URL. Wishing you all the best at your new place :)

    I am very curious though: technically whatever we wrote for today.com was for them and is owned by them, I thought, so is it okay for you to have those older posts reproduced here?

  • Relax Max

    I will soon ask you anything.

  • Stephanie B

    *lynne*, I agree with you on the pay-per-posts. They made a point that the work belonged to them since they paid us for them individually. Ask Me Anything was never paid for anything but traffic.

    And, technically, was never paid. In fact, I very much doubt I'll be paid for the traffic it generated last month or the PPP for Rocket Scientist last month, given that I was booted off for moving. Now, I'm not going to move RS posts here because they were PPP, even the last 30 or so I'll likely never be paid for. Since they won't let me adjust my banner ad (I paid for) to point to my new site, I don't expect they'll be paying what they'd agreed to.

    Given the nature of the site here, how interactive it is, it is needs to have last questions in for a base. I didn't feel bad taking my 15 or so posts.

    And, the terms on which I originally signed were changed radically within weeks. A contract where one party can change things but not the other, but with the strongarming to install ads in "our" blogs PLUS the booting of a fellow blogger because they didn't like what she said about today.com...(See the story here), well, that sure as heck sounds like false advertising, given we're allowed to blog about "anything".

    Loyalty is not just from the bottom up, you know. It has to come from the top down.

    Note, no one complain if you're happy at Today.com. I don't want anyone booted over me.

  • Stephanie B

    Thanks, Max. I may not get to it until Thursday. I still owe Shakespeare an answer and I'm on a plane or in meetings all day the next two days.

  • Davida

    Ok. I updated your links on my page. I wasn't surprised to see this blog started on blogspot, but I was shocked to see your Rocket Scientist blog moved! I didn't see that one coming, but with all the changes, I certainly understand. I just found out about 30somethingandsearching being kicked off because of negative remarks about Today.com. I suspected those kinds of things were going to happen.

    I will say this--I have already outpaced my earnings on my new blogspot site after only a week of posts! I write because I love it BUT monetary compensation for doing what I love to do it ALWAYS better.

    BTW, do you have new widget codes for your new blogs so I can update them on my pages?


  • Stephanie B

    I'm working on it. My timing stinks because I'm going out of town until Thursday. I actually have them...

  • Aron Sora

    Good thing I saw this, I was about to dig a post on your old site before this announcement stopped me, let me see how many posts I can dig. Good luck!

  • kashicat

    >> I just found out about 30somethingandsearching being kicked off because of negative remarks about Today.com.

    My gosh! There's been an outright purge, I see. Anyone got a link to a new spot for Thirtysomething?

    I think we should have a special blogroll category at all our new blogs, for Today.com exiles. A banner I think we can all wear with pride, at this point, sheesh!

    About notifying people where we are -- if it's still possible to post comments on the last posts at our old Today.com blogs, I'd advise people to make a comment redirecting people to the new locations.

    And Stephanie, now that I've read what you said about being paid just for traffic, I am definitely going to grab all my posts at Today, from December 26 on, which were never paid for. If I'd recognized the reasoning you used about that, I'd have deleted every last one of them on Sunday while I was still logged in over there, and dared the Today.com people to come and get me.

    (By the way, while I much prefer the WordPress setup and interface (Td.com used their blog formats), you can have ads here on Blogger while you can't on WordPress. So anyone who still wants to do ads, and Entrecard, are much better here.)

    -- Phyl

  • Lidian

    Hi Stephanie, Welcome to Blogger! I really like it here and switched Kitchen Retro back from WP awhile ago...I did think about Today but read about the them-owning-your-posts and since I want to develop my posts into books someday, that was not on.

    I'm going to bookmark your blogs so I can keep up with them...

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