A Destiny for Oldwestmom

>> Sunday, April 5, 2009

education.jpgoldwestmom asked: Would it be silly to leap out of a comfortable situation, when I have a family, bills, and a mortgage and I am the primary breadwinner? Am I too old (at nearly 33) to enter into a new career like teaching?

By now you probably know the drill. I’ll see if I can get the cards to answer your question and, if they do, I’ll ask them why they think it’s a good path for you. (And 33 is NOT old).

Three of Wands -Right off the bat, we have a card that talks about a position in education or the arts and a letter of acceptance. There’s talk here of practicality and industry, expansive outlook, opportunities, and an enterprising initiative.

Ten of Coins (or Pentacles) - This is a card that speaks of material comfort and success, establishment and permanence, enduring prosperity.

Five of Wands - Here I see competition and contest, a struggle or challenge, a need to prove oneself and a fulfillment in career.

I’ve got to tell you, these are some very auspicious cards, all talking about industry and opportunity leading to success with just enough challenge to make it interesting. With the caution that you should not run your life based on a remote tarot reading, I’d have to say that this reading not only doesn’t think it’s a silly idea, it thinks it’s a great idea and one that will lead you to success.

Now, I’ll see if it can give me some insight as to why, if only why those concerns you see shouldn’t stop you.

X Wheel of Fortune - Well, I haven’t seen a major arcana in a while. I was wondering where those got to. In a word, this card is destiny (generally with a happy fortune slant). It’s a card that speaks of inevitability and culmination, approaching change and something opportune. I’d say that the environment now, where science education is getting a lot of interest makes this a very auspicious time to pursue this kind of career.

OK, I could end this right here because that’s about as unequivocal as it gets (sorry, flit, I don’t know why they weren’t so clear for you).

Nine of Wands - In summation: change is good.

The cards of loving this path for you. If this is something you really would like to do, the cards think this is the time to pursue it.

3 Responses to “A Destiny for Oldwestmom”

  1. fliton 20 Mar 2009 at 6:38 pm edit this

    I think that there’s just too damn many variables in my life right now…. the health stuff is a big IF…. hoping that once we get to at least finding out what they’re going to do to try to solve it, then maybe things will get clearer … or not

    and besides, as unclear as they’ve been the last few times, there hasn’t been anything to say “forget about it you’re wasting your time” …. it could be worse :)

    so glad the cards were in favour of another back to school adventure…will have to let me know if/when you decide, oldwestmom…I’ll be thrilled to add you to my blogroll

  2. oldwestmomon 20 Mar 2009 at 7:30 pm edit this

    Wow…the tarot is GOOD….

    Hmmmmm. Looks like I have lots to think about. I’ve been researching options and while my life could be downright miserable for as long as a couple of years managing certification, trying to keep my job going, and keeping my family managed, this definitely deserves more consideration.

    Where will I be in 2 years in my current career? Still miserable in my office, still moaning about my dried up potential? That’s probably the best case scenario, assuming my company and industry even survives these times intact.

    I could pay my dues, go into a job that would be far more rewarding, and have a better schedule to spend time with my son and any future younglings to come.

    Sounds like I’m talking myself into this…

    Thanks for the reading, Steph. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

  3. stephanieebarron 20 Mar 2009 at 8:16 pm edit this

    oldwestmom, cultivating flit will be to your advantage if you do go back to school. She’s an old hand at it.

    Do what is best for you, oldwestmom. If you want to pursue a career in science education, you couldn’t pick a more auspicious time.


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