The Unlikely Otaku is going to come back to life!

>> Sunday, March 5, 2017

I know what you're thinking: where the heck has Stephanie been? What, no more fanfiction? No more reviews? No more chatting in general about her manga obsession (which is still going strong, my friends; it's one reason I haven't had more time for blogging)?

Well, I heard your silent screams of despair and I have resolved to do better. I still love manga and anime. I still love talking about it. I still love interacting with people on my blogs. I might even come up with a bit more fanfiction if the mood hits me. We'll just have to see. So, though it's been languishing for far longer than I like to think about, expect to see me talking about all thinks otaku here in the near future.

And, yeah, that will still involve new releases, but brief and only for new releases. I won't be posting daily--got three blogs and a girl's gotta sleep--but I'll try to post something at least weekly.

For those who are still deeply interested in the writing itself, but don't like checking back on blogs and stuff, I'm starting a monthly newsletter. You can sign up on the right.

You'll get notifications of new releases and the single monthly newsletter and that's IT, but only to people who signed up, who actually want to know all that.

The newsletter will include some insight into my writing, why I love it, what I think about it and what I like or don't like, a handy reference for all my existing books and news about forthcoming events, and an original short story so my "fans" can get a first look on my stories. I want it to be fun and hope it will be because, though I hate "marketing" I love interacting with people and sharing things I hope they'll like.

If you're one of the people interested, sign up. I will not be using your email for any other purpose.

First Newsletter will go on next Friday, March 10.


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