For Kristy: Does Arty Like Me?

>> Thursday, July 15, 2010

Well, that is a simple question. I presume you were looking for a tarot reading since I don't know you or Arty. Since it is so simple, I'll try for a single card and see if that gets me there.

XVIII The Star - Hope, rosy prospects, good omen. If Arty liking you is a good thing, then this is a very propitious card.

Good luck.


  • Shakespeare

    Okay, my SON has two questions:

    1. "Why do we only have two arms, instead of 3 or 4, since that would make doing things easier?"


    2. How hot is the sun, how did it get this way, and how does it stay hot without burning up?

    Since I don't know the answer to either question, I promised him I'm ask you and read what you say to him. I'm not sure you'll be able to put all of this in terms a six-year-old can understand, but I'll try to help when I read it out. Thanks!

  • kristy

    hi stephanie. thank you very much for your readings!

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