For Adja: Tell Me About My Love Life

>> Sunday, January 3, 2010

Adja said: i'd like to know what have the tarot cards to say about my love life for the coming year. Thanks!


Past - Knight of Coins - Knight of Coins is usually associated with a person, often a methodical plodding person, someone patient, hard-working and good with his hands, but also unimaginative, stubborn and potentially self-righteous. There could be a preoccupation with money. To me, this card either reflects you, practical and patient, but not exciting to the people around you or, more likely, someone you've been involved with, someone you cared about, perhaps a great deal, but not necessarily someone who excited you.

Present - Coins X - This card is usually associated with financial security. It could be that, for whatever reason, you've found that or that the person you've been associated with is a practical mature and financially successful individual. Either way, it feels to me like it's associated with the first card. Either you've eschewed any exciting relationships up until now, as you focused on career or financial security or the person you've allied yourself with has accomplished this.

Future - XI Justice - This card is all about balance, harmony and just deserts. Here's what it's not telling me: no exciting or fatuous love affairs, no abusive relationships. According to the cards, you have spent a practical moderate life and the relationships ahead of you, at least this year, whether a continuation of an existing one or a new one, will be practical moderate and, likely, just as successful.


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