Video Break

>> Saturday, December 19, 2009

Something I never do is put in videos. One reason is that I rarely watch other people's other people's videos. Well, I'm having to take a hypocrisy break and embed some videos. Why? Because these are so cool.

You may or or may not know but I have a real fondness for vocal music, particularly well harmonized music. Well, my mother-in-law pointed me to this group called Straight no Chaser, a men's A Capella ground from Indiana University. Wow!

I'm starting with one they apparently sang in a random Hardy's, but there's some lovely staged stuff, too. Then, I'll be going to figure out how I can buy some of this. Incredible. Kudo's, gentlemen. Lovely!

Stand By Me

Carol of the Bells (and I never thought I'd admire an all-male rendition - I love the soprano part)

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

And this is my favorite version EVER of 12 Days of Christmas


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