For Patricia Rockwell: Have I Been Visited By Martians?

>> Monday, December 14, 2009

Patricia Rockwell said: Flit suggested that you might have an answer about the Martians that landed on the frozen lake behind my house yesterday. There were three perfect circles in the snow, set as if at corners of an imaginary equilateral triangle. That would be flying saucers, right?

I don't like to give definitive answers when the possibilities are so diverse (and the data so sparse). I actually thought you received some fine answers when you posted your question, including, particularly, the pipes delivering air to keep fish alive.

Here's the thing, the tidy rings sound man-made. Not sure what the mechanism is though some unknown heating or water agitation seems logical.

So, why, with all the possibilities am I not saying Martians? First of all, I don't have any reason to believe there are Martians. Mars has an atmosphere less than 1/100 as dense as our own as well as being way colder. It's much like a world atop Mount Everest except perhaps a bit colder and with less atmosphere. Life *might* exist there, but I wouldn't bet on it, even though there are signs of water on Mars. There is absolutely no sign of the kind of technology that would make a civilization that could support space travel from the planet possible (let alone likely).

Now, if not Martians, could it be some other alien craft? Technically possible (though our radar system mean they must have some pretty sneaky craft). The thing is, though, why would they land on a lake? Surely, if they have such sophisticated technology as to evade our radar, they can pick a landing surface intelligently. A frozen lake sounds like a bad bet.

In my opinion.


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