For Krys: What About Bryan's Career?

>> Saturday, December 12, 2009

Krys asked: hi stephanie... i hav a question regarding bryan's career life, is he heading the correct path? or is he goin thru struggles?

Something that would help. If you're asking a question for someone else, let me know your relationship. If I'm confused, it doesn't seem like my cards would be much help. Still, I'll see what I get.

Past - Coins V (reversed) - From this card, I would say that Bryan has had some stressful times in the past, where prospects looked bleak and worry over money was overwhelming.

Present - Cups I - Although this card is often associated with emotions, it still fits here as abundance and fulfillment, especially after a time of anxiety and need. Hopefully, this is a card of finding the right path after stumbling, but let's see what the next card says.

Future - Swords I- There are some aspects of this card that can denote dark shadows, but, overall, this is a card of triumph and success, usually through one's own abilities (especially smarts). From this card, I'd deduce that he was indeed on a path that can lead to success particularly suited to him.

Here's hoping that the cards I've pulled are pertinent to whomever Bryan is.


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