For Missice: Is this Mr. Right?

>> Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Missice asked: i have a question for your tarot cards, i know - not very creative. I'm single for too long and lately i have met someone who made my heart beat faster again. What do the cards say? Any new relatonship coming my way soon?

Let's check it out.

Past - II The High Priestess - this card is all about female power, intelligence, education, coming to grips with your inner strengths and talents. You may have been single, but this card argues that you spent that time learning to appreciate your own strengths, your own womanhood, and yourself and have made the most of yourself.

Present - King of Swords (reversed) - This is not a card (in this position) that I would use to describe a good person. In this position, the card speaks of malice and tyranny, perversity and deceit. Even at its most charitable, it means insecurity and mental illness.

Future - XIII Death - Although often equated with actual death, this card can mean profound change and transformation, which could describe a new life with your great love. Paired with the previous card, I can't see it that way and would have to say the cards foresee failure and loss. It may not be the end of the relationship, but illness can also be part of this which might argue the results of mental illness.

All in all, I can't say the cards are very excited about your current prospect. But they are just cards. My advice, make sure you aren't with someone who takes away all you've built for yourself, with anyone who doesn't appreciate the person you've made of yourself. If you do so, you'll be going in the right direction.

I am not one of those who subscribes to the notion that any love is better than none. I've been there and, you know what, sometimes being alone is better. In my opinion.


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