For Grace: Can I Go?

>> Monday, October 5, 2009

Grace said: i have a question for the Tarot cards - We have plans to hopefully, move next year, is it gonna happen. I so have to get outta this place. Thanks

So, let's find out what the cards have to say.

Past - III The Empress - This card argues stability, domesticity, motherhood, marriage. A home built and lived in, generally happily.

Present - King of Cups - This card is the only one in the spread that talks about travel, (specifically) travel across water, so moving may be part of your "present" but it could be just visiting. Additionally, this card speaks of a careful lover, but a passive stance as if you are just waiting for events to unfold instead of pursuing them yourself.

Future - I The Magician (reversed) - the Magician in the reversed position has nothing to do with travel, per se, but it does hint at being duped, chicanery, being misled. What I would say is that someone very persuasive might come into your life who has a story that sounds good. Be skeptical (which is often good advice anyways).

Not a definitive answer here, so I'll look for clarification.

Cups VII - This card speaks of needing to make the right chances, of being pulled by unrealistic fantasies and wishful thinking down the wrong path. However, it also speaks of a change in residence and a relationship that can help financially. Basically, this card would argue that a move is coming but that it might not be as wonderful as it might seem on the surface. Be wary.

VI The Lovers - But there's a real potential for lasting and true love involved as well, an ultimate fulfillment still available despite whatever hardships and challenges come your way.

Here's hoping.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks. The King of Cups and Magician describes very well how I came to be living in my current house. I will never again be put in that situation again. As to the Cups, I am very cognizant of that scenario too, and it scares me a bit.

    thanks again.

  • Shakespeare

    I love your Tarot Readings.

    I have a question. What should one do about a lice infestation? Should one use Rid? Olive Oil? Should I just shave everyone's head? Does blow-drying work? I'm a bit panicky here, but I wanted to know what you know or could find out about this.

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