For Swad: Tarot on my Career

>> Friday, September 18, 2009

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Swad asked: could you give me a reading about my career?

I could indeed. If you've been here before, you know I favor a three card spread for remote readings and just ask for clarification as I need it. The three cards represent past, present and future.

Past - Wands IX (reversed) - this card can speak of illness or obstacles and I think I'm favoring the second one, setbacks, a plan gone awry through circumstances outside your control. Not saying it couldn't be illness, but I'd say that your career didn't go down the path you'd envisioned for whatever reason or took much longer than you thought it would.

Present - XX Rejuvenation - for you, this card is just what it says it is, a change that give you a restart and recharges your career. It might be a promotion, but I think it's a change in career path, perhaps doing something you hadn't envisioned or even going back to a path you thought you'd abandoned. I wonder if you're wondering if this is a better path for you. Let's look.

Future - Cups VI - This is a card that speaks of contentment, finding yourself and finding fulfillment. Perhaps not where you expected it or how you expected it, but here, it looks like, you find your ease and serenity. It's not exciting, but doing this job gives your steady progress and satisfaction. I sense it's a path that can take a lifetime and that's pretty appealing especially in these uncertain times.

Your cards are pretty clear so I don't feel the urge for a clarification card. If you want to know anything more, let me know.


  • Shakespeare

    Gotta love those cups. I know I love them.

    I have a question for Tarot Queen. I know you like other questions, too, but I just LOVE your Tarot readings! Anyway, since you've been reading career paths, here's this question:

    I'd like a Tarot reading for my husband, or perhaps two--one for career, one for domestic life. How likely is change in his immediate future, and how will that affect his family overall?

  • Stephanie B

    No problem. I don't discriminate on any type of question and I like Tarot just fine (going to a reading circle this morning as a matter of fact).

    I pick the topics on Rocket Scientist, but here, your questions call the shots.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Stephanie,

    Thank you so much... it cleared a few doubts..and you were spot on about the past and present.. I have one point to clarify... if I would be successful in an artistic venture, especilly since I like to be my own boss.

    Love Swad

  • Stephanie B

    So, I pulled you another card, Swad, and it was the Queen of Swords. Good card to answer your questions since it was about self-reliance and getting your own way. I'd say that this was the career the cards were speaking of.

    Note, that I don't see screaming success here, but satisfaction and contentment.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Stephanie,

    That is all I ask. I just need to do what I love, to be satisfied and content. Can't ask for more than that :)

    I have many more questions that need answers.. so do I get to ask more of you?

    Thanks again for the answers...


  • Stephanie B

    There are no limits on the number of questions allowed.

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