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>> Friday, September 4, 2009

Jeff King asked: where would you like to live if you could chose.. if money didn't matter, and who would you take with you?

I'm an inside person so the location of where I live isn't desperately important. I'm desperately unpicky (assuming money wasn't an issue). There are things I must have:

  • I must be close enough to an urban area to have some decent shopping. I hate driving for hours to get stuff. I also am spoiled and need cable or similar internet options. (There are circumstances where I'd give up the access to shopping, but the internet is nonnegotiable).
  • I don't like to shovel snow and I hate the cold, so somewhere temperate (or warmer) is good. I'm particularly fond of a desert climate, but I'm fairly open.
  • I like mountains and seashores.
  • I should probably live somewhere where English is a primary language.
So, in short, Hawaii or New Zealand sound fun. But I wouldn't want to live anywhere without taking my family (husband and kids) with me.

Hope that's a good answer for you.


  • Jeff King

    yea it cuts to the main point...

    if money did not matter i would want to be on my own island... with sat feed for tv and internet of course. and my house would be so large i could bring freinds and family and never see them for months... life would slow down and my dreams would be reality... nice.

  • Shakespeare

    My understanding is that New Zealand tends on the cooler side (similar to where I live in the NW). Several transplants here, who came from New Zealand, have said the weather is similar.

    If you end up in New Zealand, I'm coming. Hawaii, not so much (though I think it would suit you more).

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