Shakespeare: Draping Tips

>> Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shakespeare asked: How does one tie a sari?

Well, I've never tied a sari, so this one could have been a stumper, but for two things. First, my wonderful readers, who provided a quick answer:

Courtesy of The Mother: As a connoisseur and owner of many saris (I spent many years dressing in rectangles, since I never knew what size I would actually be), I found "Saris: An Illustrated Guide to the Indian Art of Draping" incredibly useful. It contains many, many styles of draping anything 5 to 9 yards long. Lots of gorgeous photos. One caveat: real women use safety pins, judiciously. You can get the book here:

Secondly, I have the internet. And I found this cool site (Exotic India)where you can take a look at a great deal of gorgeous saris (for reasonable to OMG prices), accessories and also links for (a) how to tie a sari and (b) links for patterns for different blouses. Fun stuff.


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