For Shakespeare: Going On Vacation

>> Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shakespeare asked: If you could take a vacation anywhere (with your kids, or not), where would it be?

I'm not sure it's so much where it would be as it would be "how" it would be. I'd like to take a vacation where the last thing I need to worry about is how much I'm spending. I end up watching everything so closely (and still always overspend) that I rarely enjoy them.

However, if we assume money wasn't an issue. With my kids, I'd be looking at ways to enjoy myself without feeling harried or stressed. Perhaps a Disney cruise with my kids, where I could let them enjoy age appropriate activities if I needed some time alone or we could all frolic on their beach together or do some things together. My kids adore the beach but Galveston is frankly disgusting. I love my children but I'd like time where I'm not "on duty" and I also prefer a venue where I don't feel under pressure to do something.

Oddly enough, I might choose a cruise as well for just the Lee and I vacation. Again, so I wouldn't feel obligated to do anything. In my life, I feel I'm juggling the details of day to day life nearly every moment of every day. I'd like someone else to do so so I could relax.

I'm not limited to a cruise, though. Anywhere I can get a minimum set of amenities (like food and a place to sleep and plumbing) without having to tromp or go on rides or hit every tourist activity within X number of miles or hit each show... that's what I like. Whether a week in Hawaii or by a lake somewhere, makes no never mind to me.

Someday, of course, I'll probably take vacations that suit the husband or the kids--Disneyland, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Europe--but, for me, some relaxation sans itinerary is really what suits me best.


  • The Mother

    I like to travel where there is history to explore. While nature is fine, and the Grand Canyon is certainly grand, we in America have only a few hundred years of history.

    There are places with much, much, much longer histories to explore. That's where I go.

  • Stephanie B

    See, I thought that, too. Except I've gone several interesting places for work and, you know what, I don't have the slightest urge to wander about and explore all that stuff. I delivered a paper in Rome last year and I didn't even wander over to the Colosseum.

    It might be the traveling alone, but I think I'm just a dullard.

  • Aron Sora

    Disney Cruise, that was epic. Even me, a 16 year old at the time, had fun. I was expecting to be bored out of my mind. The stops where great, but don't ride the banana boat. The thing flipped over, tossing a few guests into the ocean.

    This looks shiny too

  • Jeff King

    I would head back to Crystal Lake, here in Utah and spend a week with no modern-day amnesties other than pluming {bathroom and hot water} and electricity...

    Enjoying god’s wonderful creation with my family, in a place where the peace and joy the world offers meets you half way... where life recalls all the stress of life that we bring upon ourselves. A place where you feel absolutely alone, yet more complete fully loved in your life, the overwhelming feeling of absolutely freedom fills every fiber of your sole.

    The sun peaks over the mountain top, shinning into your window bringing the sense of loving embrace, the cold morning air fills your lungs with life. Snuggling next to my wife enjoying her body warmth and the fact i was so blessed to have her in my life... then my kids come running in jumping on the bed, trying to wake us up to go fishing. The next hour we all sit together on the porch, watching the morning sun move through the sky bringing life to earth. Sharing our thoughts of love in silence, where love is felt so strongly you know that moment will never be replace for as long as you live…

    That’s my perfect vacation thank god i got {and get} to live it.

  • flit

    hmph! Forgot to mention the cottage on Georgian Bay in Ontario option!

  • Stephanie B

    My mistake, flit.

  • nipsy

    I am actually looking forward to the day my children and I move cross country, almost 3,000 miles away. I plan on stopping quite often to see all those little side stops that no one ever thinks of. I cannot wait, it will make for much more fun than just an amusement park made for breaking the bank.

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