For Jeff King: A Spot of Tarot

>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jeff King said: you can just give me a tarot reading if you prefer

Generally, when if comes tarot readings, I will do a simple three card spread. Past, present and future.

Past - King of Coins (reversed) - there are several definitions available for this and I can't quite tell which one it is. I'm checking the other cards before I pick an option. OK, this seems to be either a history where you were misused by a cheat, someone who abused trust (presumably regarding money) or you were dealing with an illness or a physical affliction. Based on the cards that follow, whatever you've dealt with in the past has left you either financially challenged or emotionally strained. Or both.

Present - Coins II (reversed) - This helps some. In the reversed position, this card talks about changing occupations and financial strain, perhaps a period of unemployment or tough times.

Future - Swords IX - Unfortunately, this card, the only one not reversed, is not a happy card. It's a card that calls for patience in the midst of misfortune, worries, suffering, guilt, or, even if the actual trials are over, it may be challenging to get over past misfortunes.

I hate when I pull unhappy cards, but I have to tell you what they say. Them's the rules.

However, I'm going to pull some more cards and hope they can give me some good news or provide some clarification, the former being better.

Cups III (reversed) - This card talks about parting, situations beyond your control, laziness, addiction. If I were to interpret this card in this reading, I would assume that someone in your life is dealing with either addiction or some other condition that is making him (or her) be destructive to himself and those around him. And that you may not be able to save him.

III The Empress (reversed) - more of the same - family discord, vacillation, dissipation, jealousy and divorce.

Alright, it's not getting better. Here's what I have to say. First, there's my disclaimer. This is a hobby and I'm not a pro. Secondly, you should never take a reading from someone you've never even met too seriously. And lastly, if your past doesn't mesh with this past, you can assume that isn't your future. I hope it's not. I hope I tied into someone else or I'm just completely off tonight and your life is much better than the cards I pulled.


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