For Aron: Overly TED?

>> Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aron Sora asked: I quote TED lectures a lot, could that annoy my readers?

Aron, I have no idea. I had to look up TED (and hope I got the right reference for that) and I think the short answer is that I don't see why you couldn't write about whatever moves you.

If you are very interested/fascinated in TED talks and materials, by all means, write about them. It's your blog.

But, as I know you are, if you are interested in touching and influencing your readers, you might want to make sure that whatever you pull from this source, or in fact, any others, are fully explained and the gist that matters to you incorporated in your own articles.

I know I'm rarely tempted to go to the source material with a link unless what's written about that source is compelling to me. I think, if you present what you learned and how it applies to your subject, how it makes you think or feel, what it means to you, to your readers, they won't care where you get your insight or your thought impetus. The idea, in my opinion, is to stimulate their thinking and, if you can't do it with your posts, it's unlikely they'll be going to your source material anyway.

In my opinion.


  • Jeff King


  • Aron Sora

    You make a good point. When I write my articles, I tend to assume the reader will look at the source material. Then come back to my blog to see how it is related to my topic. I guess that's why my TED based posts tend to be the lower ranking posts on my blog. I'm assuming the wrong things when I write those posts.

    I feel like my blog posts should all be original, but most of my blog posts are in the form of "x is related to space habitation and why". That is sort-of cheating.

    Your advice is also good because if I rewrite the content I'm basing my thought on, I will understand the original idea more.

  • Stephanie B

    Agreed. Something you could do is put a side bar called "thought provoking links." Perhaps not everything really stimulates a blog post, but, if something does make you think, you can put a link up for those interested.

  • The Mother

    I have spent very little time on TED. I have enjoyed the videos I have seen embedded on other people's blogs, but that's pretty much my only exposure.

    While I try to keep my content original, too, I have occasionally posted really good stuff from You Tube. Sharing is half the fun, right?

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