Baby Break: Cellphone

>> Monday, August 3, 2009

Yeah, yeah, I know I have a few more questions in the queue (but, of course, I’ll always take more), but I have a scene to rewrite tonight on the novel and that has to take precedence over blogging, while it’s still fresh in me brain.

So, instead I’m going to share some cuteness regarding my tiniest monster child.

My daughter, Roxy, is nearly 17 months old. Aside from being cute as a button (if not more so), Roxy is also a determined little busy bee as well as a get-into-everything child. She’s a climber a likes nothing more than to climb into my easy chair (where I work on my computer) and crawl over all the stuff-covered surfaces around it, including my mobile desk top, the printer stand, the filing cabinet. She managed to figure out how to get the remotes in the gameroom (kept in a wall-mounted stand about adult head height). She’d happily bring them to us once she’d gotten them.

Lee has given up picking her up to let her watch video games he’s playing since she immediately wants to explore his full-sized desk top which is a veritable treasure trove of things babies should never play with. Now his headache is keeping her from wandering under his desk and playing with his power cords. Who knew, his power strip has lights and a handy button!

She brings me a brush from the bathroom so I can brush her silky hair and her shoes from wherever so I can put them on her feet (she loves dressing up). However, if she can’t find shoes that fit her, she’ll bring her brother’s shoes, my shoes, even her father’s work boots. She’s very industrious.

Anyway, the story. This weekend, Roxy managed to find Lee’s cell phone (Blackberry) while he was napping. I know this because she also managed to call the house phone and, when I answered it, sure enough it was Roxy giggling on the other end. I went to find her (she is free to roam from the gameroom, through the hallway to our bedroom, which is where I’m usually on the computer) and, sure enough, she had daddy’s phone.

I didn’t know, of course, that that wasn’t the first call she’d made. I dragged myself into work this morning, somewhat depressed, certainly tired, and a little stressed. There were three messages. Two of them were from Roxy using her daddy’s cellphone.

Oddly enough, that made my day.


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