For Henni: Who Is This Guy?

>> Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Henni said: Okay, this might sound a lil stupid. but I have this picture on my computer, its about a male artist who sings slow acoustic rock ballad-y songs (if I remember and I can't remember who it is!! All I remember is that I really liked his songs, and I desperately want to hear them again. I've tried everything, and no one knows him.. so I was hoping you'd help me!

Henni, I'd love to, but I'm completely stumped. I've never seen this guy before and, without more hints (a song name, time period- though that's unlikely to solve it for me, album), I'm at a complete loss.

However, I do have musical type people who read my blog and they might be able to help where I am clueless, especially if this guy is obscure.

So, she stumped me. Hey, readers, can any of you provide some insight on this fellow?


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