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>> Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On this previous post, we discussed moon hoaxes and resolution to see things on the surface of the moon.

Well, Bob, serendipity is a strange thing. I was all ready to write an update that showed this little fuzzy impact crater (Ranger impact site) and say, well, Bob, looks like we have our answer on resolution. (More information here on this site, by the way).

But what they had today was even better. Check it out.


  • Bob Johnson

    Thanks for doing a great job of all this Stephanie. I still wonder though with the resolution technology of today why they can't image the left behind equipment.

    If you remember Apollo 12 while Bean and Conrad were on the surface one of their missions was to find Surveyor III, it was actually Dick Gordon that spotted it from orbit, link below, with his sextant, how bout that!! So with craft like the now crashed Kaguya craft you'd think it should be no problem.


  • Stephanie B

    I just don't know, Bob, and I haven't been able to find any indication that we can take pictures of sufficient resolution of the lunar surface to do what you want.

    You'd think we could, but I can't find anything to validate that thought.

  • The Mother

    Wow, that is SO cool. I had no idea the resolution was that good.

  • Bob Johnson

    Me neither, that's why I was surprised by the statement on the NGC special saying with the Keck scopes we could see the flickering light of a candle from as faraway as the Moon. Maybe with the James Webb scope.

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