Roxy Is a Character

>> Tuesday, June 2, 2009

OK, we know she's beautiful. And today was a tough day for my little darling.



But she did get ice cream, which is appropriate when anyone has been punctured.

She's also quite the little character. She's picked up the unpleasant trait of dumpster diving to obtain an example of what she wants. Pulling a plastic bottle or aluminum can from the recycle bin if she's thirsty. If she has access to her room (which we often leave closed), she'll pull out clothes from her cabinet and bring them to me. She loves to dress up. If Lee had his way, she'd run around in just a diaper or her nightie all day, but she WANTS to wear girl clothes.

Unfortunately, she'll dig a wet diaper out of the trash if she can't get to her clothes, but the story is the same.

This morning, I let her pick out her own clothes. She picked out a pink/purple top and pink shorts. It was so cute.

She also loves shoes. She will grab one of our shoes and cart it all over the house. Which is cute, but irksome when we're trying to find a pair of matching shoes later. But, clearly, she's going to love shoes.

I love having a little girlie girl.

Also, I'm out of questions. :)


  • flit

    She is so extremely cute.

    Mandy is all about shoes too... she had more pairs by age 4 than I could possibly own in my entire life.

  • flit

    So what is it with shoes?

    I just don't get it...WHY would anyone want/need more than 2 pair?

  • Stephanie B

    Jeez, flit, you sound like Lee. I've long gotten rid of my uncomfortable shoes and my huge collection, but I still have a dozen or so pairs.

  • JD at I Do Things

    Aw. She is one cute character, all right. I think girly girls are the best. And I'm with flit. I have one pair of "dress-up" shoes and one pair of gym shoes. OH! And a pair of flip flops. So that's three. But I can't imagine ever needing more. But then I'm not a girly girl.

  • Roy

    Shoes, huh? Heh, heh! Hook her up with Ina, the Gather goddess of shoes.

  • Stephanie B

    JD, I am not a girlie girl, but I love shoes. I can't explain it. I don't buy shoes like I used to and no longer have 20 pairs of painfully unwearable shoes, but I do have a dozen or so and can't imagine giving up more of them or culling them down by more than a couple more pairs. My son has three or four pairs, but that's largely because he takes them off in odd locations and we need to find them for school. Roxy has actually had several pairs of shoes bought for her, but we can NEVER find ANY of those.

    There are a scant three/four pairs of shoes I wear all the time, but they are comfortable and have specific uses. When I need to wear my costume or get "dressed up" for work, I break out some of the other shoes.

    Of course, the real reason is that I love shoes. I used to have fantastic legs.

  • Lola

    What a cutie!

  • Quadmama

    Ahhh shoes. My stepmom recently sent us a pair of red sparkly shoes (think Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz) and there have been nonstop fights in my house. What is it with girls and shoes??

  • Stephanie B

    Thank heavens SOMEONE understands.


  • The Mother

    I just sent all my teens for shots. The DTaP (made necessary by all those anti-vax nuts, thank you very much) and meningitis while we were at it.

    And my 18yo macho guy walked around the house whining for a week about how much his arm hurt and how we had clearly GIVEN him meningitis by forcing him to take the vaccine, cause he was developing a cough.

    (And we all know that Mr. Macho knows ALL ABOUT meningitis, and could not be dissuaded, regardless of the fact that two doctors were telling him he was full of bullsh*t.)

    What I wouldn't give for the days when my little ones bounced back from those shots with smiles on their faces for nothing more than the ice cream bribe.

  • Stephanie B

    No one whines about needles like guys. My boss (who runs all the time) faints. My husband's vasectomy cost $15K because he had to be knocked out (which still sounds absolutely ridiculous even with the insurance covering $12K). Unfortunately, no one mentioned the difference in price when he confessed his needle phobia (the office visit was $340).

    I can't really say it's all guys. My father had his 50 gallon pin when he died and gave platelets every ten days before he got cancer.

    I haven't seen a lot on the meningitis vaccine, but I am considering Guardicil for my teenage daughter.

  • Phyl

    Roxy is just the cutest little gal! I love that picture. (And poor baby, getting shots.)

    Your mentioning how she carries a shoe around so that sometimes you can't find a matching pair made me think of some dogs I know. Sorry!! Heh.

    But she's truly adorable.

  • Stephanie B

    No argument from me. I think she's darling myself.

  • Phyl

    If nothing else, that fantastic big smile of hers would do it. :-)

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