For Joel: How's My Love Life Looking?

>> Saturday, June 20, 2009

Joel asked: Do your tarot cards have anything to say about the prospects for my love-life?

Ah, Joel, for you, anything. To an extent.

*Cracks knuckles*

Let's see what we can see.

Past - Wands X (reversed) - I asked about your love life and the cards say it's been trouble. It seems that past relationships involved selfishness, deceit, uncertainty, even some cruelty (the card doesn't say on who's part). There are also tones of work you enjoy, one that lead to your potential.

Present - Queen of Swords - This is a card more about you than your love life. Oh, there's embarassment and need, but there's also calm and intuition, wisdom and self-reliance. You speak your mind and have no tolerance for fools.

But you want to know is your future....

Future - Swords VI (reversed) - Your love life apparently has some impediments, among them arrogance, intellectual pride, selfishness. Again, the cards don't say whose arrogance we're talking about.

Yes, but that's not particularly helpful (which certainly can happen with tarot readings), so let's try for some clarification.
Knight of Swords - There is apparently a relationship, one with strife and conflict, but there is fearlessness and courage. Pride is part of this and some anger, perhaps, some old baggage.

King of Swords - Your reading is pretty heavy in the swords royalty and this one argues the recurring theme - courage and bravery (apparently the same individual as the last one), but there's also perseverance and patience. There's honesty and delving to the heart of the issue, and the patience rewarded in the end.

So, what do I think this means?

I think there's a potential for a real relationship with someone who is smart and tough-minded, strong and...a little broken. This someone is intellectually on par, which has not always been the case, and honest, which has also not always been the case. It won't be an easy relationship and will take work and patience, but, if you can do so...this may be a relationship with a real future.


  • Aron Sora

    I can't see that blog post! Someone sabotaged it! Quick, explore that possibility before looking at the problem.

  • Stephanie B

    Sorry, Aron, I accidently saved it before I'd finished it. It's up now.

  • Aron Sora

    No, it was a joke. The hydrogen leak and the sabotage scare...

    Ok, so I rolled a one on my "tell a joke" check, give me a break...


    I think people who are in relationships of any kind have a lot of courage. To let someone that close, so close that they could easily hurt you shows amazing strength. Maybe that's what it means. Someone who seems to not be trustworthy, but someone who just needs to be given trust to change.

  • Stephanie B

    I didn't get the joke because no one at NASA suspects sabotage. That was the media taking off on a question asked by a reporter, not NASA worried about someone putting people at risk. I don't see that as plausible.

    It's an interesting thing. Caring about anyone or anything is risky and potentially painful. Caring about someone (or something) puts your heart at risk but only because there's nothing that means more, nothing more precious than loving someone more than yourself. It's the risk of losing this precious thing that's risky, that's potentially painful. But never having it...that's still a form of loss - you just don't know what you missed.

    I have to say it not as someone unworthy of trust but someone with a chip on their shoulder, sad and angry because of being hurt before. The patience is to that person has time to heal.

    Of course, tarot by a stranger is, at best, speculation. But it's a nice thought that there's someone special out there worth fighting for.

  • Joel Klebanoff


    I don't think there has been any cruelty in my past relationships ... but maybe I've been deceived about that. I'm not certain. Selfishness? Maybe. Who among us is 100% altruistic? But I don't think it's been overwhelming.

    And, the truth is, I haven't yet found any work that I enjoy. (Sad, isn't it? Can the cards suggest something I'd enjoy?)

    I didn't see anything in there that might suggest a pathological fear of the friend speech, which has become a serious impediment to me forming relationships. I've received the friend speech a few times.

    It's encouraging that you think there is potential for a real relationship.

    However, you say you think that "there's a potential for a real relationship with someone who is smart and ..." then you say "This someone is intellectually on par ..." Isn't that a contradiction? That would imply that I'm smart. I've never considered that to be particularly the case.

    By the way, I have no experience with tarot readings. Is there any way the cards can give me a name and phone number?

    Thanks again!

  • Stephanie B

    Joel, they're just cards. If they have power, it's the power we give them. I wouldn't try to adjust your life to match.

    But I think there is always hope and you telling me you aren't smart, well, that ain't gonna fly with me. You can't write effective humor without some intelligence.

    I told you what the cards were saying to me. That doesn't make them right. In the end, though, your view of yourself is likely the biggest impediment you have.

    Maybe the egoism and deception is yours - your insistence that you are worthless. If you always look for the bad in people, you will surely find it. The same goes if you turn such eyes on yourself.

    As for the name and phone number - sure, but I'm not allowed to pass that along. What fun would that be?

  • Joel Klebanoff

    "As for the name and phone number - sure, but I'm not allowed to pass that along. What fun would that be?"

    Now you're just being cruel; toying with me. Give me a hint. Will I need a passport to meet her? Does she speak English? Will she need a pass to leave the institution she's in?

  • Stephanie B

    No passport needed to meet her, but I'm not saying you may not need a passport at some point. Yes, she speaks English well enough for you to communicate as well as men and women ever communicate with each other.

    She's not in an institution. If she's the right one, she's waiting for you as much as you are waiting for her. Even if she doesn't know it.

  • Joel Klebanoff

    "No passport needed to meet her..."

    Darn. I have a passport and I was looking for a good excuse to make more use of it.

    "... as well as men and women ever communicate with each other."

    So, I guess you're saying that she doesn't necessarily speak English well.

  • flit

    I took that to mean that she does but that men and women - even those who are highly skilled communicators - quite often miss the mark

    you know, the men are from mars, women are from venus thing?

  • Aron Sora

    Speaking about love, can I have a reading about my love life. I meet this girl at a camp and I feel for her. She is the one of the smartest person in my age group I've ever meet. She was able to do the classwork with ease when I struggled. She was able to defend her political views in a primarily democratic environment. She was amazing. During my birthday, she was one of the 3 people who wished me a happy birthday on my Facebook account. Do you see anything in this relationship. Does she still like me after 2 years.

  • Stephanie B

    I'll put your question in the queue, Aron.

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