For flit's husband: Starting a New Business

>> Thursday, May 21, 2009

I interrupt the questions I was asked to do an emergency reading for flit's husband who just got fired (sort of) and is starting a new business.

So, I'm going to find out what the cards say about Ross and his future business endeavors. Naturally, I'll start with my standard three card layout: past, present and future.

Past - VII The Chariot - It's a complex card, involving trials, obstacles, but also success and balance. It speaks to me of a self-made situation where you have been largely successful through hard work, patience and perseverance. I don't see wealth, per se, or great success, but I see a journey where you have largely come out successfully through your own skills and acumen
Present - Wands V - A good reflection of your current situation. Here you are, a self-made capable business man, unafraid of hard work, wanting to stay busy and make a decent living. But you're in a situation that offers little freedom or scope, where those in charge are dictatorial and treat you quixotically. You feel hampered and you want to prove yourself, show them how to do it right.

Future - VI The Lovers - Unsurprisingly, this is often tied to romance (and in a good way), but it also involves testing, making choices, impulse, predicaments, and all those other things that go with starting one's own business. And, since flit's helping, there's that, too. It's also about building trust and finding strength through relationships, which could be an excellent way to get started. Still, I'm sure you'd like to know what your near future holds (preferably more specifically business) and your long term future.

II High Priestess - You have a lot of major arcana, powerful powerful cards. I can't help but think that's a good thing. And this is a good card. Here's where you take your knowhow, your experiences, your intelligence, your foresight and your common sense and use them to your advantage. However, female power is a key factor here (it says specifically a moody or critical woman), with her knowhow and creativity. Fortunately, I know you have that available, too. Short term, things look good.

But long term stymied me. First, I pulled Page of Swords (reversed) - but it spoke of someone manipulative, hateful and untrustworthy, of unforeseen difficulties. I thought perhaps I had it confused with some of your current influences, so I pulled again, Swords II (reversed) - duplicity, disloyalty, tension, hidden enemies at work. One more time, XV The Devil (reversed) - evil influence at work with an escape in the nick of time as you escape your ties to someone, as you realize those bonds can be broken.

I have to say, the cards I pulled at the end were insistent - clearly you'll be involved with someone in your new endeavors, someone you trust but who betrays that trust. You can weather the challenges, but it might not be easy and you'll have to let someone go ties that matter to you.

Other than that, though, things are looking pretty darned good.


  • flit

    Good is good.... we need this to WORK

    Thanks for the reading.

  • mypublicme

    this is kinda cool....we actually have a tarot card set here but never got around to learning it or whatever...but it's still cool

  • Shakespeare

    Very cool reading... I simply HAVE to pull the cards out and work with them to see what they do...

    Must find time...

    I wonder who the betrayer is... I bet flit's hubby's wondering the same thing. Or maybe he already has a suspect...

  • flit

    there is one of his friends that seems a most likely candidate... R. got him a job as his helper working for the DH and he is still there...

    only thing is that we know full well that he is likely to play both sides... so don't think R. is likely to get betrayed by him. So maybe there is someone else we shouldn't trust either.

  • The Mother

    A rocket scientist who does Tarot? Interesting...

    I have dabbled myself. For Halloween parties. I'm nowhere near that good. I can barely keep track of what all the cards mean upright, let alone reversed.

    And my deck doesn't have a devil--in mine it's a Horned God (befitting, I think, my personal ideology).

  • Stephanie B

    Mother, I'm a rocket scientist by accident. I learned to read tarot for a short story series I was writing (yes, I always wanted/still want to write fiction) and I was surprised what a knack I had for it. My rocket scientist part of my brain hasn't figured out what to make of it.

    There is, however, a distinct streak of precognitive running through my family.

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