For Melissan: Sympathy Bleeding

>> Sunday, April 5, 2009

// asked: This is not for the men (sorry), but, Why is it that I have had a period every two weeks for the last six months of my wife’s pregnancy?

I, of course, am not a doctor. It has been noted that women synchronize their cycles when in close proximity (I don't know whether you and your wife experienced that before) and most of what I found on the net (like this and this ) indicates that pheromone signals detected subconsciously can help trigger menstruation so that women's cycles can get in sync.

I suspect a similar situation is occurring between you and your wife. As her hormones kick in, your body is interpreting her hormone signature, probably, as a woman about to start her period. Your body is likely kicking itself to keep up.

You have my deepest sympathy. I am speculating, of course, nor have I found anything specific to your situation on-line. But, as marriages like yours become more common and accepted, I expect we'll be hearing more.


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